Thursday, January 28, 2010


To ride on Avatar's meaningful line, "I see you", I am sure audiences around the world have already read news that Avatar has surpassed Titanic as the biggest grossing film at the box office (and still counting -- as Avatar is still showing to strong audience support around the world).

Both Avatar and Titanic are directed and written by James Cameron, making the movies basically cinematic brothers.

Here're additional news about the movies -- albeit brief, but useful. We'd like to think that the informative and fun nature of this blog is what sets this website apart from others!


Titanic was released on Dec 18 1997 in Malaysia. Its US release date was Dec 14.

The film collected its US$1.843 billion record-breaking cash stockpile over 41 weeks, reportedly having played in cinemas globally from Dec 1997 till September 1998.

Titanic's running time is 194 minutes and is rated PG-13 in the US.

Its take at the US box office alone was US$600 million.


Avatar opened in Malaysia on Dec 17 2010. Its US release date was Dec 16.

At the moment, Avatar has taken in US$1.88 billion worldwide. Of this amount, the movie has raked in US$558.2 million in the US alone. As the film is still running strong in cinemas worldwide, it will in all probability break through Titanic's US$600 million mark very soon. AND it looks poised to be the first movie to cross the US$2 billion barrier at the global box office.

Avatar's runtime is 162 minutes and it too carries the American PG-13 rating.

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